Including a BOGO (buy one get one free) offer is totally FREE for advertisers, but does require an aggressive offer.


Let’s look at it this way:

1. It’s RISK FREE advertising! Because there’s no fee to participate in the Black Hills Coupon Book, it’ll never cost you a PENNY until someone actually visits your business and redeems the discount.  Unlike other forms of advertising, an offer in the Black Hills Coupon Book only cost you when it works and even then it’s in “product dollars” versus and not cash.

Here’s an example  – one of our advertisers received over 400 coupons and kept track of their total sales.  What they found was that not only did the consumer buy one to get the other one free, they spent an additional $8,000 not related to the discount offer.

2. DONATIONS to groups. Consider your offer as your donation to the community groups. Instead of contributing to each individual group, our partners refer those groups to the Black Hills Coupon Book. Businesses consider their aggressive Buy One Get One Free offer they include in the Coupon Book their contribution to these community groups.


It is a win-win situation. We help drive customers to your door, and your BOGO offer is your donation to these great community groups.


We’ve already started gathering BOGO offers for the 2017 Black Hills Coupon Book. (Offers with a lesser value will be put on a waiting list for inclusion and will have a nominal set up fee.)


Don’t worry that you’ll be overwhelmed with coupons. View it as a unique way to get your name out there and continue to draw in the new customers that every business needs to survive and thrive. The value and quality of your products and services will still be the major reason why a first time visitor comes back!


What’s your next step?


Let us know you want to place an offer in the next Coupon Book by calling our office at 605-343-7684. Ask us to create a proof that includes the following offer:


Buy One _____________, Get One Free.

Must have a minimum $5.00 value