FREE advertising

The Black Hills Coupon Book costs you nothing until someone actually uses your coupon!   

Unlike traditional advertising where you pay a fee up front, offer a discount or special pricing, and wait for people to respond.  You have a significant upfront investment in trying to get people to do business with you.

That means that you need X numbers of people to respond to your offer just to recoup the cost of your ad.  If an ad cost $500 and your average sale is $15, you need 33.33 people to respond just to cover the cost of your advertising investment.

No upfront cost.  The only cost you incur is when someone redeems your offer.  No money out of your pocket until someone decides to take advantage of your offer.

Standard Disclaimer
"Coupon not valid with any other offers; must be presented at time of purchase; subject to the rules of use; have no cash value; based on availability. Limit one coupon per purchase/order/party per day. Copies NOT accepted. Other restrictions may apply."

Standard expiration date: December 30, 2019
If you are a seasonal business please state so in the description/information box.