Getting Creative with Peg Ireland

Getting Creative with Peg Ireland

Written on July 30th, 2020

If you’re a lover of all things DIY, you have to check out Peg Ireland Stamps! We caught up with Peg for a little demo on how easy making your own cards really is.


  • White (or light colored) cardstock

  • Floral stamp

  • Message stamp

  • Ink pad

  • Stampin' Up Write Markers®


Take your piece of white (or light colored) cardstock and cut it down to 11.5" x 4.25". Fold the sheet in half to create a 2.25" x 4.25" card. TIP: scoring the paper or using a bone folder will help create a nice crease in your card.

Take your floral stamp and lightly dab the design in ink. Position the stamp on the card and press down firmly. Using the same / different color of ink, repeat the previous step with the message of your choosing.

After the ink has dried, color in the floral design with Stampin' Up Write Markers®.

Last, but not least, add your personalized message inside and your card is ready to go!


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