Make it Worth it: Spearfish Girls’ Day Out

Make it Worth it: Spearfish Girls’ Day Out

Written on June 07th, 2021

The Black Hills Coupon Book retails for $20, and you get over 200 exclusive offers around the Black Hills. A question we hear a lot is whether or not it’s worth the expense, and our answer is always a resounding yes! To prove it’s a great buy, we’re starting a “make it worth it” blog series. From family fun to honey-do lists and fun days out with your girlfriends, we’ll cover all kinds of ideas and itineraries based around the coupons you’ll find in the book. Each post is guaranteed to get your $20 in value — and then some!

Welcome to Spearfish!

Good food, fun shopping, and a relaxing patio combine to make one great girls day out. Grab a friend and get ready to save when you take your Black Hills Coupon Book to Spearfish!

Kick off your day of fun with breakfast at the Spearfish Canyon Lodge! You can buy one breakfast entree, get one free with your Black Hills Coupon Book. Pick from classics like biscuits and gravy, or dig into a breakfast potato skillet loaded with sausage, ham, bacon, mushrooms, onions, peppers and cheese. The price of entrees varies between $6 and $15, so you’re well on your way to making it worth your while in the first stop. After your meal, take a walk behind the restaurant to see waterfalls and get some fresh air. 

Head back into Spearfish for shopping at great local boutiques. The Junk Drawer and Naked Olive is the perfect place to find unique and cheeky gifts. While you’re there, enjoy 25% off any large bottle of olive oil or vinegar. They have a wide selection of flavors in both, so you can find your next favorite salad dressing or as a base for a scrumptious pan sauce. 

Pink 629 is a trendy women’s clothing store that believes in creating an empowering atmosphere of women, for women. They’ll have you looking your best, and with your Black Hills Coupon Book you’ll get 20% off a single purchase item! Depending what you fall in love with, this coupon alone can be worth over $20. 

After you peruse the rest of downtown, head to the Spearfish Creek Wine Bar. They have one of the best patios in town, and if you plan ahead you can catch live music and artist showings. Enjoy a glass of wine from their extensive list, and use your Black Hills Coupon Book for a buy one, get one 50% off on wine or beer while you’re there.

The total amount saved on your girls day out:

Spearfish Canyon Lodge BOGO: $6-15
The Junk Drawer and Naked Olive 25% off: $8-9 
Pink 629 Boutique 20% off: $6-50+
Spearfish Creek Wine Bar BOGO 50% off: varies by current offerings
Total: $20 on the low end, possibly $75 or more!