Your Stay-at-Home Sanity Guide

Your Stay-at-Home Sanity Guide

Written on April 01st, 2020

Your Stay-at-Home Sanity Guide

Whether you're staying at home, sheltering in place, or socially isolating, the bottom line is the same: during these trying times, your normal entertainment options are limited. That doesn't mean you can't support the local economy (and take advantage of your Black Hills Coupon Book in the process). You just need to get a little creative...much like many businesses throughout the Black Hills have done.

Takeout is the New Dining In

Most area dining rooms are closed for the foreseeable future, but their kitchens remain open and ready to serve you the same delicious, hot meals you'd enjoy in the restaurant—from the comfort of your home! Craving pizza? This is the original to-go food! Domino's offers piping hot pizzas with pretty much every topping imaginable, in addition to sandwiches, pasta, chicken, and other delicious sides, giving everybody in the family options. Papa Murphy's pioneered the DIY concept with their lineup of take-and-bake pizzas; pick one (or more) up early in the day and simply pop in the oven when you're ready to eat to guarantee a piping-hot pizza you can enjoy on your schedule. Grab a salad and dessert while you're at it for a full meal!

If your kids are pizza'd out (hey, it could happen!), maybe they'd prefer pasta instead. Z'Mariks Noodle Café offers a variety of freshly made pasta, soup, and salad bowls that are made with fresh ingredients and provide you with a healthy, delicious alternative to fast-food. Want something more substantial? Dickey's Barbecue Pit satisfies your inner carnivore with a hearty selection of slow-smoked meats like brisket, ribs, pulled pork, and sausage—plus classic side dishes. Minerva's Restaurant & Bar has one of the most extensive menus in the Black Hills, with enough variety to please everybody. During this crisis, they are offering family meal kits that provide you with all the ingredients for a delicious at-home meal.

Many of these restaurants are offering curbside pickup or delivery options, but even if they aren't, don't despair: Food Dudes is on hand to bring food from all your favorite restaurants right to your front door, saving you a trip out. 


Virtual Reality

To keep everybody safe, even those businesses without mandated closures are opening up their stores and letting us in. The best part of all? We don't even have to get dressed up! Keep in shape and avoid packing on extra pounds while housebound by "visiting" Sōl Yoga online. They are now live-streaming all their classes, from meditation to yoga. These are great stress reducers during anxious times!

Missing the great outdoors? Nature isn't closed...but getting outside can still be problematic in April weather-wise, as any South Dakota resident will attest. Custer State Park is offering virtual tours—the perfect antidote for spring snows and social distancing.

Have your kids grown tired of the same old books and toys? Keep them entertained by shopping at Kicks & Giggles, where you'll find a variety of options to suit your needs, including virtual shopping, free delivery within 10 miles, shipping, and curbside pick-up.

If you've had enough of grocery store crowds and bare shelves, hit up Breadroot Cooperative for fresh, organic, and healthy food options. You don't need to be a co-op member to shop here, and you're investing your dollars in the local economy while helping others in need; Breadroot is matching up to $500/day in donations to Feeding South Dakota and accepting donations by the entryway.


In Need of a Good Read?

Most libraries and bookstores are closed, but that doesn't mean there's a shortage of free reading material out there. Local publications like Black Hills Parent (an excellent resource for parents of children from birth to age 18 and beyond) and Black Hills Visitor (chock-full of informative articles on Black Hills people, places, things, and history) offer extensive online archives. Even if you've lived here your whole life, chances are you'll learn something new! Looking to explore someplace new? Check out the Southern Hills Vacation Guide for information about communities in the southern Black Hills. Planning a wedding? Black Hills Bride is your go-to resource, with tips on everything from choosing vendors to planning engagement parties.